Based in Sweden, arguably the hottest country for game design and development, iGotcha Studios is working with location based gaming. With a team of individuals proven in the gaming industry, iGotcha is ready to compete in this new arena and deliver a product designed to enhance location based gaming as you know it. With the development of its own technology from ground up, the company has already created value.

Global direct consumer spending on apps is expected to be $60 billion in 2018. From this spending, over 80% is generated by games. iGotcha Studios will have several sources of revenue:

  • In-game-purchases is a proven business model in the gaming industry, and benchmarks show that an average of 1 EUR can be expected per user and month.
  • Sponsorships and ads. Campaigns, events, or sponsorship deals, can be featured in a location based game. These apply both online and offline.
  • The company has developed a sophisticated technology which has several potential uses for third party companies.

The company expects to be profitable already during 2018.

The company recently closed a €2 million raise, leaving the company in a very strong financial position for its launch in 2018.


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