ACG Alpha Invest

Atlas Capital Group (ACG) has bundled together ownership in a few specific portfolio ventures into one investment vehicle, ACG Alpha Invest, from which investors can buy into all of them at once. The common trait of the ventures is that all are relatively early stage but with already proven business models. That said, risk and reward varies somewhat between them, making them into an attractive portfolio when combined.

ACG Alpha Invest is likely to be the first of several similar structures, as a complement to the traditional way of entering into the ventures presented by ACG.

The investment:

  • Fully divested two ventures with returns of 7x for a 2.5 year investment and 11x for a 4 year investment.
  • Today’s portfolio consists of nine companies in different stages
  • ACG Alpha Invest is ACG’s first fund like structure where investors can take exclusive part of multiple growth ventures’ journeys, via acquiring shares from ACG’s present stock
  • ACG Alpha Invest today holds between 10-16 % of each venture, aiming at divesting with at least a 7x return within 3-5 years
  • For ACG Alpha Invest fund, ACG will raise up to SEK 50 million, with minimum investment at SEK 1 million
  • All four ventures are relatively early stage, but all are in the launch phase and have established and proven business models:

    Lifvs Scandinavia: the first chain of unmanned grocery stores in the Nordics. Opened its first store in March 2019, with 6 stores by the end of 2019 and aiming at 80 by end of 2020. Apart from expansion of today’s stores in Sweden, plans for both concept and geographical expansions are already in place

    iGotcha Studios: a Swedish social gaming studio. Having iteratively soft-launched and improved its first game, Harveston, which is creating very solid and strong market ratings, it is now about to launch full force. More games are in the development pipeline, including potentially very fruitful IP launches a fully licensed online sports betting and casino operator in Portugal. One of very few operators having received licenses to provide online gaming in Portugal, a newly regulated gaming market which in terms of online/offline gaming ratio is where Sweden was around 2005. The team is highly qualified and the launch of the full platform in January 2020 marks a defining break-through

    The Park: one of the first co-working spaces in Stockholm, opening its first location in 2002. Today The Park operates four venues with 14000 sqm, with solid and improving margins. During 2020 the combined floor space will double to 28000 sqm, including both new venues in Stockholm and expansion to Gothenburg and Malmö