iGotcha Studios – The next generation of location-based gaming

  • iGotcha Studios is launching its first game in Q1 2020
  • Unique game idea: Mobile gaming is a strong and fast-growing industry, and location-based gaming (LBG) has been proven successful by the release of Pokémon Go during the summer of 2016. The unique take that iGotcha Studios brings to the table is the combination of a well-established mobile gaming genre with the new opportunity of location-based titles. This has given us the chance to create a game that has proven to attract a wide range of players. The game has been perfected during an almost one year long Soft Launch.
  • The game is loaded with extra benefits for players and for iGotcha Studios:
    – For players, e.g. up-levelling and out-of-reach
    – For iGotcha Studios, e.g. behavioural statistics and player movement control via campaigns.

    The team behind iGotcha Studios includes some of the best people in the gaming world:
    – Game release backgrounds include Hitman, Anarchy Online, and Cities: Skylines
    – Company backgrounds include Paradox Interactive, Funcom, StarStable and Inno Games.